Data Recovery Services

Is your hard drive making an unusual noise, or has it suddenly stopped working? Did you accidentally drop your laptop or external hard drive and now it’s frozen? Are you unable to access your valuable business data or precious family photos?

Your important business or personal data may not be lost after all! Even if other computer repair technicians or major retailers have said there’s “nothing they can do about your data,” don’t give up! Call Mohamed Rassoul of Computers of Marin.

Mohamed Rassoul has helped small business owners, professional photographers, writers, and parents just like you recover their lost computer data, even when others have failed. It might be that your hard drive has crashed. Or, that your data needs to be rebuilt die to a power surge or other mishap.

Mohamed will analyze the problem and find a solution. Then, he will work with you to develop asound data backup and recovery strategy so that you will never find yourselfin this unfortunate situation again!

Data recovery services include:

  • Complete problem analysis
  • Data recovery
  • Hard and solid-state drive replacement
  • Placing the recovered data back on your computer
  • Data backup strategies

If you think your hard drive is failing, Mohamed Rassoul of Computers of Marin recommends that you power it off and do not power it on again. Then, callhim for a professional data recovery consultation at: (415) 226-9706.